what was on your mind

.write a post that was on your mind when you started blogging. I can’t remember what was on my mind. I only remember feeling the need to get my ideas down. I used to write, but the busy life has pretty much sucked that all up. Since coming to terms with the new phase in my life, I’ve become inspired. Plus, I watch too much Korean Drama and I feel I need to be productive. So I started a blog about my thoughts on the endless hours of videos I watch. Then I wanted to say more than reviews, so I started this blog. But I found that I am most free on my personal private blog. I write better when I write for myself. Where no one is looking. Where I can truly be honest, blunt, vulnerable.

I don’t remember what it was that I wanted to blog about, but I hope that blogging will move me on to the next great thing in my life.




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