Hey Reader,

I want to know about you. And if you’re a real person. Or just a square on my screen that sometimes has text next to it.

I’m talking to you. You there, sitting there, reading this line.

What do you do? Why are you here? What is your mission?

I am so curious about you. And wondering if you actually read this.

If you don’t mind, would you comment and tell me who you are?



7 thoughts on “Hey Reader,

  1. hello there ^_^ i might seen like an ordinary excitable english schoolgirl to everyone else, but by moonlight i’m a bad-punctuation-fighting, internet-addicted, fangirling blogger. i use the power of words to convey whatever i wish to express though my little blog, and i like to see what all you other bloggers are up to as well. that’s me!

  2. Hi! Hello! How do you do? I make paint for a living, I read and blog for myself, I take photos for homeless animals for charity. My mission is to be the happiest I can possibly be. Simply and truly I am Alex. How about you?

    1. I work in museums and feel like I’m transitioning in life. Growing up as a grown up. Is that mid-life crisis? XD I also operate on a personal mission, that is to never to meet someone and have them leave worst off than when I met them. 😀 So, it’s very similar to your mission. Great to meet you!

  3. Hello! My name is Lisa and I am definitely a real person! For a living I work on a school bus with special needs kids. Its my job to keep them safe and happy. When I’m not with my kids I am here, or lurking on other parts of the internets. I am here to write express myself and try to help people by sharing my story. I’m working toward a happier life through mindfulness and I love to learn new things!

    1. Awesome Lisa! I’m working on happy too 😀 Welcome and thank you for commenting. I mainly write for myself too, but I hope that you find useful things here. Or at least, maybe, be amused. Great to meet you!

  4. Hi, I am Lynzie and I am totally real! I Live in Oregon and I am a stay at home mom. Sometimes I wonder about who is following my blog, and why are they following? I am doing Zero to Hero also, and I think it has been really helpful… and FUN 🙂

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