In Memory

In memory of Matt Pulis. And ironically, we were all quite inebriated when I met him. I only met him once. He is from the Iron Range. I barely recall him. My friend K and I have a habit of doing things that involve alcohol. He was one of her good friends. When I heard about this ‘stranger’ on the news, I was quite horrified to find out that I had met him. There is something about knowing, or meeting people who somehow ties us all. And we cannot escape the tinge of heartbreak, even in the vague memory I have of him. In my memory, we were at a hotel. They walk in. Talk fast. And pretty much leave. They had already started their toasts. We were catching up. They were a jolly group. He was with them. Our timing was just off. K had one last drink with him in Duluth. And this was what he chose. I can’t remember the drink name, it was an expensive shot, a really manly name. I like whisky, but this was raw. Very sad news to lose such a young person. Cheers.
In memory of Matt Pulis