10 Actions for my 30s

So, since becoming 32, I have read and nodded along with all the tips people receive or would tell their 20/30-year-old selves. I recently read one and it got me thinking about my future because I am in my 30s.

1. Save up for retirement. Recently I looked at my retirement plan for what I could save up and when I do save up. I will be living like a poor person even when I’m old. So that means, I gotta start saving up more, now. I have credit card debt and school loans still outstanding. And I gotta eat every day and pay for a roof. Even if I have a minimum wage job, I will try to save at least 15% of my income.

2. Be present and be there for my friends and family. I’ve spent my youth searching for something. School was always first. Friends were always first. Something else was just too important. But now that I have lived in the ‘real world’ I want to share my successes with my family. I want to celebrate with them. I want to see my nephews grow. I want to be there to help my mom shovel snow. So, no more of this flaky me who doesn’t show up for dinner or makes excuses. I’ll be there. Continue reading