I am a leader and I am not a fraud

How many times have you looked out at your staff and felt like a fraud? That you really don’t deserve that award or praise? Or that you are a fake and one day these people are going to find out?

I feel that way a lot of times. There is even a name for it, “impostor syndrome,” which is shared by the most successful women (and some men). There are lots of articles with solutions like this one here, here, and here. I think the best way is to write and say a manifesto aloud. So I’m going with Alexandra Franzen‘s life script below.

She has these awesome scripts to help her readers easily fill in the blank and ultimately makes them look internally.

My name is Mai Vang.

I’m a Curator, leader, and writer.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people experience the amazing world around them because no one should ever lose that sense of wonder that makes us better people.

That is what I do.

And I am not confused.